·        Ability to build high quality end to end business functionality in a highly efficient fashion. Software delivered is business-oriented and scalable, with full accountability for the up-stream and down-stream business impacts.

·        Ensure adherence to design principles and specifications from senior business and technology staff

·        Continuously follow and leverage leading-edge cloud functionality and technologies

·        Provide proactive and constructive inputs for user experience and backend system design

·        Ensure code quality and metrics instrumentation ensures critical business hypothesizes can be tested, measured, and proven as successful or not

·        Ensure software design specifications and code comments are developed to the right level of granularity for future maintainability

·        Ensure continuous improvement in the development and production operations of all backend systems by ensuring bugs are proactively identified where possible, quickly resolved, analyzed for root cause, and prevented through corrective action

·        Ensure data-intense algorithms and data structure designs are optimized to meet functional, performance, and maintainability expectations. Enforce the DRY principle and minimize transformations



·        This is a hands-on software development role that focuses almost exclusively on building world-leading and innovative disruptive   capabilities.

·        Leverage the open-source community and quickly identify best-fit solutions

·        Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.

·        Personally identify and deliver improvements to business processes through agile release cycles and continuous improvement

·        Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

·        Assist where appropriate in defining strategic business requirements and to understand complex client and user needs

·        Fix QA and production code defects in an efficient and high quality manner

·        Ensure all software architecture design specifications can be traced to higher level deliverables and detailed software modules

·        Leverage a combination of mathematics, statistics, data mining, and computer science, coupled with a bias toward evidence-based decision making, to extract value from internal and external data

·        Provide expert guidance and solutions to client concerns and requirements

·        Communicate project and risk information promptly and effectively to project leadership

·        Design and develop analytical and reporting capabilities including customer lifecycle insights, aggregated financial wellness viewpoints, and bank operations reporting

·        Provide support for how data technologies are installed and configured



·        Knowledge of enterprise architecture and domain driven design with either bank or PFM systems and have a firm grasp in integration methods and technologies including SOA, EAI, and/or ETL disciplines.

·        Must have some experience with custom product development of multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

·        Must be highly cross-functional across multiple technologies including Javascript, Ionic, Node, PhoneGap, REST and SOAP interfaces, batch frameworks, Kafka messaging frameworks, DevOps technologies, and AWS cloud technologies

·        Strong foundation in computer science, with competencies in data structures, algorithms, real-time analytics and emerging machine learning techniques

·        Ability to quickly understand client requirements and needs and articulate potential solutions

·        Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills

·        Must have some experience with Javascript, HTML5, Cordova/PhoneGap, Android SDK, iOS SDK, various mashup technologies, and various SSO technologies including OAuth, SSL, and TLS

·        Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies

·        Entrepreneurial free-thinker that is also able to execute and own processes

·        Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, especially how to handle all the various operating platforms

·        Solid understanding of emerging DevOps methods and tools, such as agile/scrum, continuous integration, automated configuration management, test driven development, data center and cloud automation, and UI monitoring and measurement tools, etc.

·        Must have experience with Data Design, Maintenance, Warehousing, Data Science, Security, Requirements Analysis, and Project Management

·        Some experience in client relationship management or client engagements

·        All or most of the following horizontal enterprise technologies (or like representations): RDBMS, Mongo, Hadoop, Javascript, message driven middleware, Linux, and security/encryption technologies

·        Some experience with algorithm development in a statistical, scientific, or big data environment using data centric or statistical programing languages such as SQL, R, RPython, Python, or Hadoop Pig

·        Consulting/professional services experience a plus

·        Strong ownership skills with results driven attitude

·        B.S. in Computer Science or related field (M.S. preferred)